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Japan Butler Association

Features of Japanese Butlers

What is a Japanese Butler?

Japanese butlers approach their clients with a spirit of "omotenashi" (hospitality). They offer customized services tailored to the client's lifestyle and needs, characterized by meticulous attention to detail and care. This spirit of "omotenashi" is the hallmark of Japanese butlers, distinguishing them from butlers in other countries.


Butler's Duties

The duties of a butler vary depending on the organization and employer, but generally include the following tasks:

Daily Household Chores:

Cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.

Office Work:

Managing appointments, reception, handling phone calls, etc.

Personnel Management:

Communicating with family members, employees, and service providers, etc.

Financial Management:

Managing repairs, paying bills, etc.

Travel Arrangements:

Booking flights, making hotel reservations, etc.

Event Management:

Organizing parties and family events, etc.

Butlers are typically required to perform tasks according to the challenges and needs of their superiors.

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Japanese Butlers Are the Pinnacle of Branding

Introducing Notable Butlers

Butlers Who Have Mastered the Art of "Omotenashi"

You can request a butler tailored to the needs of the master and mistress. You have the option to choose a dedicated butler or change butlers according to your mood for the day. Japanese butlers embody the spirit of "omotenashi," catering to a variety of needs such as household support, business assistance, and event management. They offer meticulous services, including cleaning, cooking, children's transportation, schedule management, meeting arrangements, and guest hospitality, enriching your life.


Japanese butlers are available at any time.

Affordable Pricing Plans

Short -Time Butler

1-Month Contract


1-Month Contract Course


Monthly Butler Fee Per Person


For those utilizing Japanese butlers outside of Japan, a one-month contract provides comprehensive support for a wide range of household and business needs. This includes residential management,


shopping, cooking, children's transportation, and business secretarial duties, offering total support for daily life. This service is provided at $13,000 per month (excluding tax),


with the butler available for 8 hours a day, up to 20 working days per month. Note: An additional fee will be charged for usage exceeding 8 hours per day.

Middle-Time Butler

6-Month Contract


6-Month Contract Course


Monthly Butler Fee Per Person

For those utilizing Japanese butlers outside of Japan, a six-month contract provides more extended support. Continuous residential management, business assistance, and event support are offered, enhancing your quality of life.
A long-term contract allows for a deeper trust relationship with the butler, resulting in more personalized services. While the exact cost depends on the contract details and location, the monthly fee is based on the one-month contract rate of $12,000. Therefore, the total payment for a six-month contract is approximately $72,000 (excluding tax).

Long-Time Butler

1-year Contract


1-year Contract Course


Monthly Butler Fee Per Person


For those utilizing Japanese butlers outside of Japan, a one-year contract offers the most comprehensive support. This includes residential management, children's educational support, business secretarial duties, and event planning and management, providing a wide range of services over an extended period.


With a one-year contract, more detailed and customized services are possible, offering ultimate support tailored to your lifestyle. The fee for a one-year contract is based on a monthly rate of $11,000, totaling approximately $132,000 (excluding tax). Most clients using our services overseas prefer long-term contracts.

Accommodating Various Requests

Customer Testimonials

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We Hired a Butler for Our Family of Four

A family of four with two elementary school-aged children. The parents, who run a construction-related business, often found household chores neglected during busy periods. They hired a butler from our company to help with daily household tasks, taking the children to and from their cram school, walking and feeding their pet, and even attending minor business meetings to take minutes. Their butler now serves not just as a housekeeper but as a comprehensive support for their busy lifestyle.

VVIP, Japanese Butler, Butler Services, House Steward, Japan Butler Association

We Used a Butler for a VVIP Dinner Meeting

We hosted a VVIP dinner meeting using the butler services of the Japan Butler Association. The butlers handled everything flawlessly, from setting up the venue to welcoming the guests. They provided meticulous service tailored to each guest's needs, with their tea service receiving particular praise. During business discussions, the butlers offered smooth support, ensuring the conversation flowed without interruption. Overall, we are convinced that this butler service offers the finest hospitality.