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black butler,butler,butler cafe,rental butler,butler japan,afternoon tea
black butler,butler,butler cafe,rental butler,butler japan,afternoon tea
black butler,butler,butler cafe,rental butler,butler japan,afternoon tea

レンタル執事,rental butler,全日本執事協会,執事,japan

Features of Butler Services

Fully Customizable

Household Support

As professionals in household management, butlers assist with all aspects of domestic tasks, including accompanying the master during outings and supporting the education of precious children. They help ensure the smooth running of daily life for the entire family. Additionally, utilizing their extensive knowledge, butlers listen attentively to the master's concerns and provide appropriate support.


Business Support

Butlers also support their masters in business by serving as personal secretaries. They assist with schedule management, document preparation, meeting arrangements, and commuting. With experience in various industries, our butlers provide precise support tailored to the specific needs of their master's business.


Event Support

Butlers also assist with parties, exhibitions, and other events. They provide services such as welcoming and seeing off guests, car transportation, and acting as doormen according to your needs. Additionally, they offer high-quality hospitality, serving tea and meals to guests. Dressed in tailcoats, the butlers create a luxurious atmosphere.


レンタル執事,rental butler,全日本執事協会,執事,japan
Choosing a Butler

To help increase value.
That is the mission of the Butler.


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Butler’s List

レンタル執事,rental butler,全日本執事協会,執事,japan
Butler Services

Luxurious Living

The Finest Hospitality


House Steward

Butlers handle all aspects of household management, including cleaning, laundry, and cooking. They also take care of children and run errands, providing comprehensive support for clients' daily lives. Tailoring their services to each client's preferences and lifestyle, they offer meticulous and personalized assistance. To ensure a comfortable and enriched living experience, residential management butlers are dedicated to helping in every possible way.


Butler Secretary

Butlers are a strong ally for busy business professionals. They provide support to enhance efficiency through secretarial duties, expense management, and travel arrangements. They also handle the preparation of business documents, organizing important meetings, and client transportation. Utilizing the specialized skills of a business butler, they streamline your business activities.


Event Butler

Butlers are also popular for enhancing special occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, and corporate events. They handle essential tasks for event success, including venue setup, welcoming guests, and serving food and drinks. Additionally, they can act as etiquette instructors, giving lectures on table manners and business etiquette. One-time use butlers make the memories of your special day even more memorable.


レンタル執事,rental butler,全日本執事協会,執事,japan
Butler Pricing

Customizable Based on Needs

Simple Pricing


1-Month Contract: $13,000

For those utilizing Japanese butler services outside of Japan on a one-month contract, comprehensive support for both household and business needs is available. This includes residential management, shopping, cooking, children's transportation, and business secretarial duties, providing total support for daily life. A dedicated butler is available 24/7 to meet your needs, offering meticulous services to ensure a comfortable living environment.


6-Month Contract Per Month: $12,000

With a six-month contract, long-term support is available for those utilizing Japanese butler services outside of Japan. Each month, high-quality services in residential management, business assistance, and event support are provided, enhancing your quality of life. Butlers adapt to your lifestyle, handling daily burdens and ensuring a richer, more comfortable life. This includes personalized care and attention to detail, making sure your unique needs are met consistently.


1-Year Contract Per Month: $11,000

For those utilizing Japanese butler services outside of Japan on a one-year contract, the most comprehensive support is provided. This includes residential management, children's educational support, business secretarial duties, and event planning and management, offering a wide range of services over a long period. Butlers provide personalized services tailored to individual needs, building a trusting relationship and supporting all aspects of daily life.


Accommodating Various Requests

Customer Testimonials

VVIP, Japanese Butler, Butler Services, House Steward, Japan Butler Association

We Hired a Butler for Our Family of Four

A family of four with two elementary school-aged children. The parents, who run a construction-related business, often found household chores neglected during busy periods. They hired a butler from our company to help with daily household tasks, taking the children to and from their cram school, walking and feeding their pet, and even attending minor business meetings to take minutes. Their butler now serves not just as a housekeeper but as a comprehensive support for their busy lifestyle.

VVIP, Japanese Butler, Butler Services, House Steward, Japan Butler Association

We Used a Butler for a VVIP Dinner Meeting

We hosted a VVIP dinner meeting using the butler services of the Japan Butler Association. The butlers handled everything flawlessly, from setting up the venue to welcoming the guests. They provided meticulous service tailored to each guest's needs, with their tea service receiving particular praise. During business discussions, the butlers offered smooth support, ensuring the conversation flowed without interruption. Overall, we are convinced that this butler service offers the finest hospitality.


Japan Butler Association

Rental Butler


What is a Rental Butler Service?

The Rental Butler Service by the Japan Butler Association offers high-quality hospitality that can be easily utilized by anyone, not just VVIPs and affluent clients. This time-based service is perfect for special events, daily support, and even for creating content for YouTube or other social media platforms. Our rental butlers understand the needs of each client and provide meticulously customized support to meet those needs. This service is highly regarded by a diverse clientele, including busy professionals, families, and individuals seeking convenient and flexible service. Our butlers, with their years of expertise and experience, are fully equipped to respond flexibly and accurately to various client requests, ensuring comprehensive and impeccable service.


レンタル執事,rental butler,全日本執事協会,執事,japan

Japan Butler Association

The History of Three Generations


The History of Three Generations

Since its establishment in 1890, the Japan Butler Association has played a pivotal role in shaping Japan's butler culture. This journey reflects the passion and dedication of its leaders: the inaugural president, Shingo Tanaka, who seamlessly integrated tradition and innovation; the second president, Kazuhiko Yamada, who managed both division and eventual reunification; and the third president, Bell, who pushed for globalization of the association. For those interested in further details, delve into the extensive transformation and growth of the butler industry driven by their visions and efforts.


レンタル執事,rental butler,全日本執事協会,執事,japan
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